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Create Your Own Footprints With Confidence and Integrity
Posted by Jill Reid

Have you ever tried to walk in someone else’s footsteps — literally? Whether in sand or snow, your careful attempts to place your foot in the exact same spot as another’s is an optimistic effort at best. Whether the space is too large or small, or at a different angle or stride, it’s nearly impossible to achieve a perfect fit in the vacant imprint left behind from another’s journey.

And in my opinion, it’s a blessing in disguise.

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How to Reset Your Balance When Guilty Pleasures Create Havoc With Your Life
Posted by Jill Reid

You know what I’m talking about. It’s that self-justification we use to rationalize intentional distractions when life doesn’t seem to be going our way. Whether we’re facing issues at work, problems in a relationship, a bad hair day, or uncooperative weather, we look for an excuse to make things better, if only for a little while.

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The Real Reason You Never Get What You Think You Want
Posted by Jill Reid

Many trusted gurus and life coaches tell us to create our vision of a perfect life with plenty of details.

More than transcribing a simple written statement of a desired objective, we’re encouraged to mentally represent our goals with cinematic clarity — the resulting sensory representations of sights, sounds, and feelings intended to motivate and inspire us to take the actions necessary to achieve our goals.

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Can the New Buzzword on the Tip of Everyone’s Tongue Keep You Sane?
Posted by Jill Reid

There’s a new buzz word on the tip of everyone’s tongue that’s being hailed as the answer to all our problems. That magical, life-transforming word? “NO.”

After years of being told, taught, and encouraged to say “Yes” to every opportunity, possibility, and request, it seems the positive aspects associated with being receptive to any and all who ask has finally come full circle. And after taking a second look, things have become a little muddy. What happened?

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Real Life

We breathe, we sleep, We eat … And in-between, We Live

Every day is a new opportunity to live a real life – a fresh beginning waiting to be explored. It’s another chance to find happiness, contentment, and purpose in our lives.

But as we face the typical challenges and struggles of getting through the day, our focus often becomes blurred, the result of an overwhelming schedule and the constant requirement to respond to the needs of others.

Instead of balance, peace, and harmony, we find ourselves lost in mind-numbing routine, or caught up in a chaotic whirlwind of resolving one minor crisis after another—leaving us frustrated and discouraged.

Real Life  opens the door of possibility, and the opportunity to break through the layers of distraction that prevent us from recognizing our true spirit— that force which compels us to become better, stronger, and more optimistic about living our lives to our true potential.

The book is divided into eight chapters and can be read in any order. Whether you need a boost in confidence, a few moments of soul searching, or a motivating message, turn to a story in Real Life


Discover Your Personal Truth

Ditch the Excuses and Start Living a Real Life!

What is it about facing the truth that scares us?

From our earliest memories, we’re taught to be honest and forthcoming in our relationships with others. We’re admonished for telling lies and cautioned against concealing knowledge or information that could impact another’s perceptions or decisions in a negative way.

We’re encouraged to “just be ourselves,” because without fully revealing our thoughts, no one would know who we truly are.

But in spite of those early admonitions, few of us practice full disclosure. We hold back, often presenting a public persona that is very different from our genuine selves. And it begs the question …

How did our inclination to withhold the truth – to use deception if necessary – evolve into common behavior in the way we communicate with others?

For many of us, we learned by example – from watching, observing, and listening to  conversations of others. And all too often, deciphering the truth became a challenge – one requiring more skill or knowledge than we had at our disposal.

In this second book in the Real Life series, you’ll discover the reasons behind your self-doubt and lack of confidence. You’ll read real life stories with examples and suggestions of how to overcome fear and negativity and, hopefully, you’ll find a few answers to help guide you in the search for your personal truth.