Still Searching For The Elusive Happiness Code?

How many of us are still on the hunt for a code to happiness? Surprise! There isn’t one. Certainly, happiness exists. It’s a real emotion, and many of us believe it’s what we experience when we achieve a milestone, accomplish a goal, or acquire something we’ve had our heart set on for a long time.

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Distraction Is The Ultimate Timewaster

You’ve made up your mind: Today is going to be different. This is the day you’ll begin focusing on the important priorities, the ones you never seem to have time to take care of. So you organize your schedule, plan a menu for the week, make a grocery list, pack your gym bag, and then. . .

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What If My Future Never Arrives?

The vacation, the party, the promotion. We plan our lives in anticipation of the future, filling our calendars with events and activities that have yet to take place.
Most of us have convinced ourselves it’s important to have a schedule to work from …

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These Are The Times Of Our Lives

It’s a recognizable line from a familiar song, and it’s never been more true than right now. Because, as they say, these are the good old days — more lyrics of another unforgettable tune from Carly Simon …

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