My inbox held me captive — barriers had been breached, trust and agreements broken — and it was time to set things straight

​A large chunk of my day is spent in senseless distraction — hours of time plodding through an endless stream of email brimming with meaningless rhetoric from unwanted visitors.

Admittedly, I’ve become a slave to the click of my mouse — the too-easy access impossible to ignore.

And with my concentration diverted to the familiar Outlook screen, my attention is drawn to a living nightmare of newly-arrived messages.

It’s overwhelming.

Scanning the continuous input scatters my focus — my brain splintering in a dozen confusing directions, until I manage to delete some small portion of incoming debris.

But it’s only a temporary fix, the evicted email now residing in a trash folder waiting for more of my attention — and begging for one more chance before being banished to the cornfield.

I realize the wasted time is irretrievable.

Even worse, the effort I spend filtering through a litany of energy-sucking messages, offers, and e-zines often leaves me empty and drained.

Why do I continue putting up with all those irritating and irrelevant intruders expecting an immediate response to sign up now or take advantage of a special offer before midnight tonight?

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