How to Prevent the Advice of Others From Seeping Under Your Skin

Sometimes you need a personal splash-guard to keep flying debris at bay

Seems like just about everyone has some form of advice to offer.

From where to shop, to the best podcast, to which restaurant serves the healthiest food. With all the outside opinions constantly being thrown in the air, it’s not always easy to dissect the diamonds from the dirt.

So how do we handle all the well-meaning incoming missiles?

More important, what strategy can we effectively use to deflect the ones loaded with BS? Not an easy question — and there doesn’t appear to be a simple answer.

The problem is, many of us feel like we’re open landing zones for the unnecessary rhetoric of those offering self-appointed wisdom and knowledge. Because we’re afraid if we don’t appear to be available or appreciative or agreeable, we might offend the egos and selfish efforts of others.

But there’s hope for retaining some degree of personal protection. It takes courage and commitment to take charge of your life by cutting negativity off at the pass and questioning the advice of others before it seeps under your skin.

The best part about speaking up? You may actually discover you’re a person with a mind of your own.

So the next time a salvo of unsolicited solutions to your problems is headed your way, raise your invisible mental shield. Like a clear but present barrier, forming a conscious dividing line between your positive mindset and unwanted intruders may help dispel most of the impact.

Sure, you might get a little overspray splattered across the surface. But like a splash-guard raised by front-row guests at a live Gallagher comedy show, most of the flying debris won’t make it through.

Just be sure to keep a bottle of Windex handy to clean up the mess.

In health and happiness,

Jill Reid

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