How to Keep the Fire in Your Soul From Scorching Your Spirit

If you’re not careful, you could be left in the dark — without the light and warmth of the flames

Fire …

It’s one of the four elements of life, along with earth, air, and water. And, for the most part, we take for granted that these gifts will always exist in form, function, and perpetuity.

Yet, it’s hard work building a fire from scratch. The process takes time and patience. Clearing an open and safe area, building a properly sized and secure fire ring to contain the flames, finding and gathering a pile of dry tinder, cutting large sections of wood into usable pieces and stacking them nearby, at the ready.

After preparations are made and in place, we go to work creating a spark, hoping for the smoky beginnings of an ember and carefully breathing our very life into the heat source to encourage the fledgling flame to grow and glow.

Because we need the warmth and comfort — the crackling sound and colorful vision to assure us we’re safe.

But if left alone and untended, fire can get out of control. It can spread beyond its boundaries, burn to high degrees of intensity, and scorch everything in its path. And our carefully constructed touchstone — one of the very life elements we require to sustain us — may take a swift and dangerous turn.

Why? We didn’t take the time to dedicate our efforts on ensuring protective measures to contain its power. Instead of recognizing the potential hazards and tending to its needs, we failed to keep a smoldering inferno under control.

Instead, we turned our focus elsewhere, assuming the flames would remain the same size and intensity — all on their own. And after putting things in place, we expected the fire to continue giving us what we need — without our personal care and attention.

The fire can also go out, if we’re not careful and mindful of its inherent nature. Without constantly feeding the pile with the right fuel, or neglecting to stir the coals with encouragement, or monitoring the dwindling embers, we could be left in the dark — without the light and warmth of the flames.

In health and happiness,

Jill Reid

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