Simple fixes to make your refuge a place you want to be

​Every now and then I’ll meet someone who tries to convince me the organizational state of their home doesn’t matter.

They could be living in a setting of literal chaos, and still argue it doesn’t affect their mood, attitude, or productivity.

I’ve tried it both ways and can definitely say, at least for me, the state of my surroundings makes a huge difference in my effectiveness — and my motivation.

Perhaps those who prefer “creative clutter” have formed an alliance with a distant cousin of Zen — confident their messy environment is born from comfort rather than laziness or denial.

But it’s not an explanation I can easily accept.

I’m an organizer — a dedicated advocate of a clear and open field.

The problem is, even on a good day, most things seem to be in a state of (1) not yet done, (2) still needs to be finished, or (3) must be put away.

And it requires me to spend a lot of time in maintenance mode — clearing surfaces, picking up and storing scattered stuff, completing undone tasks and chores.

While necessary, it’s a huge time-waster.

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