It’s Time to Change the Channel in Your Mind

Life is conceptual – and the picture is evolving all the time …

​A concept, by definition, is an idea in the making — a creative, strategic blueprint to move us from where we are to where we want to be.

Visionaries are said to be conceptual, having the ability to peer into the future with unfiltered curiosity and purpose. But are they really directing their focus toward a single outcome? Or does the magic resulting from their brainstorming lie in their ability to transform information and questions into a type of virtual reality — as if choreographing a free-form dance in their mind?

How cool is that, to know that any thought — if given the opportunity — can start from a concept, grow into an idea, and evolve into a mental representation that eventually becomes our reality?

Imagine the power — and the possibilities …

Concepts typically begin as a need, a want, or a desire for change.

And in those formative stages, lots of alternatives are considered, with the core need — and the cost of acquiring it — determining which options we pursue, and which ones we abandon.

It’s a start. And that’s all we need, because even with a well-defined objective, we can’t know exactly what it will take to complete the goal. The actual price we pay — in resources, time, and opportunity cost — won’t be tallied until we’ve crossed the finish line.

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Jill Reid

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