Life in Small Doses

Because Sometimes, That’s All We Can Handle

Stuck in a slump, dragging yourself through each day in a repeat performance of boredom and apathy?

If you’re like most people I talk with, you probably feel like you’re caught in a loop, even spiraling down a rabbit hole with little or no progress being made and no indication the future will be any better.

For those of you brave enough to admit it’s time for a change, let’s start with congratulations. You’ve realized you want a better life—one that fills you with purpose, direction, and promise.

Life in Small Doses is a self-improvement journal designed to help clarify your thoughts and provide a few guidelines for making positive changes in your life.

The journal can be used on its own, or as a reference and companion guide to the stories in Real Life: We breathe, We sleep, We eat … And in-between, We Live (available from Amazon in eBook and paperback.)

Together, these two books, Life in Small Doses and Real Life, will provide you with the greatest impact in motivating and supporting your efforts toward personal growth and self-improvement.

Whether your goal is to develop a positive mindset, eliminate toxic relationships, or increase spiritual awareness, this journal will help you recognize and pursue your full potential. And in the process, you’ll acquire the skills you need to become confident, positive, and sure of yourself.

Here are a few exercises you’ll find in the journal …

Getting From Here to There – And Beyond

Coming Face-to-Face with Your Imagination

Resetting Your Priorities – and Perspective

Learning How to Deal with Unpleasant People

How to Prepare for Life’s Unexpected Surprises

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