Are You Guilty of Situational Health?

4 Tips for busting the myth that exercise can only be done in a certain way, in a certain place, at a certain time

​I know I am — guilty, that is.

But I’m getting better at recognizing the enemy, and more important, learning how to say no to temptation.

It’s definitely not easy (like last weekend when I turned down a piece of double-chocolate cake at a neighbor’s birthday party.) Each time I make the effort, I mentally pat myself on the back, as if good has again triumphed over evil.

Recently, I had lunch with a friend of mine.

Ron is a personal trainer at a local gym and offers his knowledge and services to novice and expert alike.

In addition to developing exercise regimens for his clients, he also provides advice and recommendations on diet, nutrition, and self-care. In other words, he views — and practices — fitness as a total life commitment.

I love talking to this guy.

Halfway through our lunch, I could tell something was on his mind. So I asked him to spill.

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