“Real Life” is On Sale for $1.99 During the Month of June!


Hello, Friends – I’m having a sale on the first book in the Real Life Series to kick off the summer.

During the month of June, you can pick up Real Life in eBook for only $1.99! Here are a couple reviews of the book:

Real Life is a self-help book about the possibility of making a fresh start in life and creating another chance for being happy and content in life. The literature was written well and easy to understand. I appreciated the standing view and the author’s will in wanting to help her readers. ‘Deciding how much of yourself to invest on behalf of others is a judgment call.’ I recommend this book to anyone who likes to read self-help material and wishes to re-evaluate their perspective.” – S.J. Main, Review Tales

Real Life – We breathe, We sleep, We eat – and in-between We Live … is a great collection of insights that can be used immediately. For me it was as simple as removing the chaos of clutter to reinforcing the many reasons I am positive, happy, and grateful. I have read the book several times, each time finding new nuggets to reflect on and apply to my continuous personal growth. A great self-improvement personal development book.” – Amazon reader

So what’s the book all about? Real Life opens the door of possibility, and the opportunity to break through the layers of distraction that prevent us from recognizing our true spirit— that force which compels us to become better, stronger, and more optimistic about living our lives to our true potential.

Living a real life means becoming more curious, aware, and creative—more alive. It means taking control of our lives, and making choices that are personally congruent and authentic to our true self.

And finally, it means letting go of past mistakes without regret, and moving forward on our life’s journey with optimism, positivity, and joy.

Ready to start living your real life? Click Here to pick up this collection of thirty-five uplifting and entertaining stories – and start your journey today!

Thank you for your support.

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Jill Reid
Pathway to Personal Growth
The  Real Life Series is Available from Amazon