Sifting Through The Noise

My distraction level was on high alert, until my subconscious stepped in and brought me back into focus.

Recently, my husband and I were listening to a podcast about transformation. The host and his guest discussed many aspects of how this concept affects our lives emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

There was a lot of ground to cover.

The podcast was longer than usual, running about an hour and a half. At the time, there seemed to be a lot repetition, with the same questions being asked and answered, but in slightly different ways.

At least, that’s what it sounded like to me, until I realized my concentration was continuously being diverted by the constant need to check email and scan a stream of incoming text messages.

I was distracted — until a word or a phrase in the podcast touched me in a way that said, “Pay attention!”

I put the phone down, set it to mute, and asked my husband to rewind the program so I could listen again — only this time with interest and intention.

We don’t always pick up the signals the first time. We’ve become so accustomed to our days being filled with interruptions, diversions, and multi-tasking that we automatically tune out much of what our surroundings and environment are offering.

The result?

Our attention is divided — and our awareness is compromised. But when we take the time to become conscious of what’s going on around us — in the here and now — we feel the tap on the shoulder, or the heart, and understand there’s a message waiting in all the noise.

Continue to rewind, replay, and let the message get through.

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