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How Long Can We Store Our Humanity on the Shelf Until Further Notice?

The social nature of our culture has shifted. And this unnatural environment has made me uncomfortable for quite some time. Every day we’re reminded to heed health and medical safeguards, practice physical barriers — real and imagined, and adopt cautious dictates that have widened the gulf of human interaction. And these new protocols have raised my stress levels to new highs.

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Pathway To Personal Growth

Jill Reid is the author of “Real Life” and “Discover Your Personal Truth.” Her books and articles provide tips, strategies, and life lessons for achieving personal success, creating better relationships, and living longer and stronger through positive lifestyle choices.

Real Life

Every day is a new opportunity to live a real life – a fresh beginning waiting to be explored. It’s another chance to find happiness, contentment, and purpose in our lives.
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Discover Your Personal Truth

What is it about facing the truth that scares us? In this second book in the Real Life series, you’ll discover the reasons behind your self-doubt and lack of confidence, including real life stories with examples and suggestions of how to overcome fear and negativity in the search for your personal truth.
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