I Was on the Edge of a Meltdown, Until I Met the Calm in the Storm

A valuable lesson about the power of gratitude

Recently, my husband and I were getting ready to return home after a weekend business trip. After packing our bags and loading the car for the drive, we decided to check out the free breakfast included with the hotel room. We found the basic “continental” selections — donuts, sweet rolls, and coffee—offered little in healthy choices, so we decided to take our chances on a diner we’d noticed a few blocks down the road.

As we walked toward the restaurant entrance, we noticed a young boy about 4-years-old sitting on the sidewalk, crying. Occasionally, he glanced up at his mother, trying to get her attention as she strapped his younger sibling into a car seat. The more she ignored him, the louder he wailed.

We quickened our pace and walked inside. The diner was packed, with a noise level to match. When we reached the hostess, I asked if she could seat us in a quiet location. The hint of a smile touched the corners of her lips as she handed two menus to a server, who led us to an end booth located across from the kitchen—and directly in front of the restrooms.

While we looked over the menu, the whining of three boisterous children a few tables down barely overpowered the booming speaker in the ceiling above us.

It was total chaos.

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Jill Reid


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