The Real Reason You’ll Never Change Your Life

Excuses come in all shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common …

A friend I knew in high school was what I’d call a “handful.”

Frequently late for class and skipping out on tests, Tricia often spoke out of turn—anxious to shout out an answer and move on with the lesson. Her unbridled approach to life was more than a challenge for most of her teachers. As a result, Tricia spent a lot of time in detention doing “penance” homework.

After graduation, and finally free of school disciplinarians, Tricia hit the world running—without course or direction. Shifting and bouncing from place-to-place, she seemed unconcerned about where—or how—she would land.

To me, it was as if her personal compass was broken, and no longer responding to the influences of logic, reason, or common sense.

We didn’t see much of each other after we left school. Occasionally, she’d send an email, birthday card, or holiday letter filled with descriptions of exotic places she’d visited or a teaser about the next trip she was planning.

Like a stone skipping across a smooth pond, she kept moving, hoping she wouldn’t run out of momentum and sink too soon.

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Jill Reid


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