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​Many years ago I read an article about how to train fleas.

I’m not sure why it was of interest at the time, but it caught my attention. It seemed to be a fairly simple process — and pretty straightforward.

This is essentially how the method was described:

By nature, fleas are always jumping.

To train them, put fleas in a glass jar and close the lid. As the fleas begin hopping, they will hit the lid. This behavior will, by instinct, continue for a few hours.

To eliminate the discomfort of impact, the fleas will eventually begin making shorter leaps, until reaching a height just beneath the hard top, essentially learning the lid is as far as they can go — a virtual ceiling.

When all the fleas are jumping to a level below the lid, you can remove the top.

The fleas are now fully trained and will no longer hop beyond the height of the open jar. While they still have the ability to do so, the fleas have established a new self-accepted boundary — their newly-installed behavior formed from pain and learned limitations, convincing them they can only jump so far, and no higher.

Fortunately, we’re not fleas …

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