These Are The Times Of Our Lives

How to build a positive mental framework that will outlast CoVid-19

It’s a recognizable line from a familiar song, and it’s never been more true than right now.

Because, as they say, these are the good old days — more meaningful lyrics of another unforgettable tune from Carly Simon, layered in my subconscious with her smooth, confident voice convincing me that all we have in life is the present moment.

The truth is, every day is a good old day. Unfortunately, most of us won’t realize it until we look back through a veil of nostalgia and wistfulness, wishing we could relive the past we’ve so carefully manipulated into a fantasy of sweet, perfect memories.

But I suspect it will be different this time. Because rather than each of us living our individual realities, we’re all experiencing the same hallucination, in some form or another. We’re all swirling in the outer edges of a maelstrom, looking for answers to this unresolved issue. And few of us, if any, will be able to reconstruct a positive, encouraging, meaningful vision to recall at some future time.

Whether we recognize it or not, this moment in history is unique. Yet it doesn’t change the fact that today, like every other day, is all there really is. It’s what we have to work with — to structure and use in a way that, someday, will reflect meaning and hope.

And right now, we must do everything we can to create and nurture our own personal seeds of optimism and encouragement.

Perhaps in the near future, we’ll be able to look back without tears, anger, or regret and find a thread of inspiration as we sift through the ashes of CoVid-19.

A good place to start? Appreciating the minutes, hours, and days we have with loved ones — time we’re spending now, focused on the only important aspect of our lives: The present moment.

All you need is love … love is all you need.” — John Lennon/Paul McCartney

In health and happiness,

Jill Reid

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