What’s the point of doing all the hard stuff?

Do you find yourself doing all the easy things first, hoping the hard stuff will go away?

When faced with an overwhelming list of to-do items, there are several options to consider when managing your time and efforts. For example, some folks prefer doing all the easy things first, hoping this strategy will provide them with a sense of accomplishment – and the motivation to tackle the tough stuff.

But what if most of the simple tasks should really be done at the end – the cleanup, so to speak, after the majority of the work has been completed and results are beginning to appear?

The truth is progress requires both aspects to be taken into consideration to achieve success – a balance of big picture thinking and detailed organization.

And depending on the degree of change you’re planning to make, the difficult hurdles may be better addressed and handled right upfront. Because if you start an important task by dusting away the light fluff and filler before digging into the deep ruts, you may ultimately stall and lose momentum.

By the way, if you find yourself procrastinating and hoping someone else will pitch in and lighten the load, you could be waiting for a long time. And then you’ll be left with more problems and delays that could’ve been avoided – if you’d taken the lead and done the hard work.

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