Why Following the Leader Will Get You Nowhere

Do you lead, follow, or get out of the way? There’s another option — step out of line!

Somewhat of a rarity these days. It means you recognize your own intuition is the better guide. You’ve learned to trust it — to respect its power to guide you in the right direction. Like an ancient touchstone, your own thoughts and feedback have become a reliable compass — in sync with your personal magnetic field.

Following your own truth isn’t always easy, even when it feels natural. When we sense internal uneasiness, it’s a signal to be more aware. Because there are always those who want to steer you in a different direction — to another ideology or their way of thinking. Motivated by the need to justify their personal position, attitude, or opinion, they often preach submission and complacency to rationalize their lack of accomplishment.

To retain our individuality, it’s important to identify, cultivate, and maintain our personal beliefs and values as we evaluate the ongoing narrative — making sure it still feels right.

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Jill Reid

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